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Birthday: July 16, 1983

Hometown: Longview, TX

Current City:
Dallas, TX

Disciplines: Sprint, Olympic & Half Ironman Triathlon 25-29, Xterra 25-29, XC Cat 3 25-29, Track Cat 4 39 & Under, Road Cat 4 39 & Under, MTB 6 hour Solo, Marathon

Career Highlights:
- 1st place age group 2009 Amica Texas Man Sprint Triathlon National Qualifier
- 3rd place 2009 Wee-Chi-Tah XC race Cat 3
- 3rd place age group 2010 Holy Toledo Triathlon
- Finishing Galveston 70.3 by running last 10 miles of bike leg barefoot
- Finishing the Hotter’n Hell Triple Threat every year since 2008
- 2009 Dallas Whiterock Marathon Finisher

Q&A: Matt Malone, interviewed by Matt Malone

Q: What if your favorite color?
A: BLACK! You’ll never go back.

Q: Why do you ride a bike?
A: I don’t understand this question…

Q: How many bikes do you own?
A: Only 4 at the moment. 2007 Specialized Epic, 2008 Specialized Roubaix, Chinese Carbon TT w/ Planet x 80/101 wheels, Ridley Oval Track. Hoping to add a CX/Commuter and a hardtail 29er to the mix later.

Q: Do you remember all of your bikes?
A: Yes! My first bike was this nasty forest green beast with solid rubber tires that weren’t inflatable. Then I had a sweet Columbia BMX bike with white Cheng Shin tires with gum walls. I learned all that I know on that bike. I had a Murray Mountain bike in there somewhere that I beat up horribly. Then I started BMX racing. My first race bike was a chrome Diamond Back Assault with lime green stickers and then I upgraded to a teal Elf with anodized blue Odyssey parts like Black Widow cranks! From there I slowly got more into dirt jumping and street riding and changed to an original S&M Dirtbike. Then an endless line of sick BMX bikes until today. Mutiny, Standard, T1, FBM, and more. I got away from BMX around 2005, but I can still bust a move!

Q: What is your favorite piece of riding equipment?
A: My sweat band that says, “I bike so I can eat.”

Q: That explains why you’re such a fatty then?
A: Hey, I resemble that! There is nothing wrong with being a 200 lbs cyclist. Plus, I still beat plenty of scrawny guys with six packs. They just don’t have the gas tank that I have!

Q: Do you ride every day?
A: Not every day, but at least 5 days per week. I finally found a moderately safe route to ride to work, so I’ve started bike commuting 50 miles round trip. I put in between 150 – 300 miles a week.

Q: Why did you join the Pirates?
A: Because I want your booty! Arrrrrgh! But seriously, there was an article about them somewhere that slips my mind now and I had just parted ways with my previous team due to poor management and team organization/socialization. The pirates had some cool appeal and after speaking with Andrew Stackhouse, he sold me. The team is laid back, but takes racing serious. The team works to promote the race production aspect so I knew there would be good organization. Finally, Stack does this full time, so I know he is committed to building a happy family and successful team and company, unlike many of these fly by night teams that start with friends wanting to look cool in matching kits. We have good sponsors and we work to support all cycling related sports for all ages and ability level riders. Too many teams are overly competitive and serious only allowing elite and pro riders. A team’s goal should be to promote the sponsors, period. Personally, I am more likely to try out a recommendation from someone who isn’t pro and getting paid to recommend specific products.

Q: Makes sense to me. Any future plans?
A: Just to keep riding as long as my body will allow. Whether it’s racing, commuting, or touring some mtb trails on vacation. Just keep pedaling and you’ll be alright…

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